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Friday, May 29, 2015

painting a day, day 5

ok, I've done a painting a day for five days so far, this is totally challenging so I'm giving myself a 5 day work week because this is like a job, props to the artists that do this for years.
This should make my mad skills better.
Beach Coconuts acrylic on 8x8 stretched canvas, from a photo on my ipad

day 4

day 4:  painted this from one of my beach pics I take with my iphone, than paint from my ipad. This gull was so fabulous, he was loving his life so much, and posed for many pics.
I call this Joie de Vivre, 6x6 acrylic on wood panel

day 3

day 3: while running next to a tall hedge this butterfly flew in my face then landed on a leaf posed for many pictures. 6x6 wood panel

day 2

ok, I'm kind of over this already but am going to do it because it's probably good for something.
It is really a challenge, I have to hand it to the artists that have been doing this for years. It probably does improve skills. I'm just doing whatever hits me at the moment, it could be a small re-do of a favorite painting of mine or whatever catches my attention when I'm out and about, or from old photos that I like.
day2: a new small version of one of my old faves, 8x8, acrylic

Saturday, May 23, 2015

A painting a day

The first in my painting a day challenge, I haven't tried this yet, but here goes. I do paint every day and I've just finished some larger works. This is "Blues Guitar Man" acrylic on linen panel 8x8

Thursday, May 21, 2015

got to blog

I have so many pokers in the fire, I keep forgetting to do this, anyway I have been working on some larger works, also resurrecting some old works that have been rolled up & stored for many years.
I want to restore them to take really good photo's of them to put on some of my sites.
Red Wires is the latest
,painted in the '80s from a photo my sis brought back from Columbia.