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Thursday, October 12, 2017


So here's the latest, fresh off the easel
I call it Pink Dreams or in french RĂªves Roses, sounds more artsy.
There are advantages of a painting on multiple canvases. The best one is easier and cost effective to ship. It's a nice look when hung together or a little separated or  in different places in the house.

Also, I've discovered this app for iphone or ipad where you can hang your artwork in a beautiful room it's so cool and shows a buyer how it will look. It's called iartview and there is a free version

Monday, September 18, 2017

Large abstract series

The latest in my new large abstract series, I always had a desire to paint very large canvases but didn't because where was I going to keep them? How could I sell them the shipping would cost as much as the painting. There's always a way, don't let your negative thinking stop you.
I tack up a piece of canvas on the wall and paint away, I'll leave them up for a while & play with my paint markers, its such fun! Then I roll them up for easy storage, I offer them for sale like that, shipped in a tube which is so cost efficient and easy. The buyer has to have it stretched and most frame shops can do that.

here's my newest: "Love is Blind" 56x84
anyway this is sparking off a series too,  I like these colors, the window of Neiman Marcus inspired them, hard to tell by the pic there are deep grey greens, nice next to the peachy flesh tones.
I need to do a tryptich in 50x20's

Been a while

OK I'm blogging, I keep reading that this is what I should be doing haha.
I just went through hurricane Irma and although it wasn't too bad in my area I had no power for most of the week and still have no TV or wifi. So I'm going crazy because I need to get back on my mac to work my art biz.
Anyway,  lately I've been mall walking because of the killer heat in FL lately and decided to take random pics with my iphone of people on their iphones at the mall.
The a bunch of other ideas that are mall related popped into my head, like all the amazing logos of brands to paint like in super thick oil paint.
So I'm going off on another painting tangent since I'm visualizing about 10 paintings right now.

Mall 1, Mall 2, Mall 3
more to come

Friday, April 21, 2017


Going on a little tangent with stenciled patterns with oils, so messy, but painting is really a messy business.
I'm working on a series of 12x12's, it's my square foot of art series.

Saturday, March 18, 2017

Been Busy

I'm blogging because that's what your supposed to do to get known as an artist. I haven't blogged for a while, I've been addicted to candy crush saga, I have to quit!! I have been painting though. Started a new series, paintings of some of my favorite album covers. Some of them from my childhood, I loved albums when I was a teeny bopper. Also, getting into patterns and stencils. I suggest using acrylics for using stencils, but I love the results from oils, it's so messy, love it though.

These are 12x12x1.25's oil on canvas, with the stenciled patterns. In my square foot of art series also music series.

From my album cover series, this one was a favorite as a teen, I listened to it a million times at least.
It's so great!! 24x24x.75, acrylic on canvas. Some of my album cover paintings are in acrylic some are oils

This one is another all time favorite, I was listening to her while I did this painting, she was such a major force, her voice had so much soul. I felt so bad that she died so young. My album paintings are 24x24x1.25 this one is oils.

Friday, August 26, 2016

The Boys are Back

My blue guys that is...

I've been creating large paintings, in pantone colors, fall colors that are supposedly popular and they're great but I had to return to my blues, for me blue means happy. I don't know why I just love painting these guys, they make me happy I adore mixing blues. And I've been adding some diamond dust in the white highlights so they sparkle and beckon you to enter the painting.

Saturday, July 23, 2016

the cool tango

 i wanted to paint some cool icy tones in a painting, the ice blues & greys, I had my new scarf line in mind. A site called offers high quality scarves & tops with your artwork on them. The site looks good, I have to order a couple of things to see the quality before I spend too much time on it. I've been on so many different sites & only a couple actually make me money.