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Friday, August 26, 2016

The Boys are Back

My blue guys that is...

I've been creating large paintings, in pantone colors, fall colors that are supposedly popular and they're great but I had to return to my blues, for me blue means happy. I don't know why I just love painting these guys, they make me happy I adore mixing blues. And I've been adding some diamond dust in the white highlights so they sparkle and beckon you to enter the painting.

Saturday, July 23, 2016

the cool tango

 i wanted to paint some cool icy tones in a painting, the ice blues & greys, I had my new scarf line in mind. A site called offers high quality scarves & tops with your artwork on them. The site looks good, I have to order a couple of things to see the quality before I spend too much time on it. I've been on so many different sites & only a couple actually make me money.

Saturday, July 2, 2016

Latest works

This is the latest big oil painting that I offer not stretched, shipped in a tube. So I can keep the shipping cost down.  My cubist jazz musicians last encore. It is available on my site

After working large I like to go smaller as in these 4, 6x6 acrylics which will also be on my site soon on small abstract page.

Thursday, June 9, 2016

been busy (a good thing)

After a too long dry spell, I had a nice flurry, need to figure out how to keep it going.
I've had pretty good sales with online galleries but it doesn't compare to someone buying directly from your website, they don't even contact you or ask anything they just put the money in your paypal acc. and you look at your phone & your like whaaaaat?
It would be great if that happened everyday, got to figure that one out.
My 'Jam Session' went to Louisiana this week

Saturday, May 21, 2016

One Last Tango

Latest and last in my latino dancers series 'One Last Tango' 56x78 not stretched, I like to paint large but keep it rolled up, easier to store easier (and cheaper) to ship.
I think I might need to reshoot, it's hanging in a spot which is hard to get the lighting right, always something.

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Latest Stuff

This is my latest large painting, oil on canvas 'La Vie est Belle en Couleurs Primaires'
(life is beautiful in primary colors) I titled in French because there are a lot of paintings called Life is Beautiful, google it, you'll be surprised.  I did a little photo shoot before I rolled up & stored the painting. I offer the large paintings rolled up & shipped in a tube. When you sell online, you never know where it's going til the person has bought it. It could be 50 miles or 4000 miles. So for a really big painting, it would cost less for the buyer to have it stretched than to ship a huge painting to Seattle for instance. And honestly, it's a lot easier for me.
Also, a rolled painting is easier to store rolled up than if you have a 50x80"x1.5" painting.

Friday, April 8, 2016

Moon, Lovers, Lute

My lovers out on the water on a moonlit night, The final 36x24 oil painting in my series.
Since business is slumpy, and I have a lot of paintings to sell. I'm going to work on something large.
I cleared a wall, hung a piece of canvas on it. 84x56, don't have a plan, just going to go with the flow & let it happen, maybe I'll shut my eyes.
We'll see.

Thursday, February 25, 2016

New Stuff

 8x8 moonlight song
12x12 Full Moon, Lovers, Lute
Starting some new works, this one is from the Never Tear Us Apart theme. I'm doing some variations in different sizes, these are acrylics but I think for the larger, final one I'll go with oils, they'll add mystery and mood.
Meanwhile I'm painting some 8x8 orchids  some in acrylic some oils, I recently went to an orchid show and was blown away by the gorgeousness of orchids. I'm posting them on Daily Paint Works auctions. I just love being in the middle of a bunch of paintings and painting whatever I want to and feel like painting, it's the best!!

Monday, January 18, 2016

Okay, I have to blog, so I'm starting again with a fresh resolve to do it regularly.
We'll see. Anyway, I've had a pretty good year in sales of original paintings thanks to the online
gallery Zatista.
Currently I'm working on Amazon Handmade, a new section which is supposed to be like Etsy.
I'll be selling giclee prints of my works.

couple of new things:
The Average Lifespan of a Butterfly, oil on canvas, not stretched 54"x76". I'm offering larger paintings not stretched so I wont have to ship a huge painting, just roll it up and ship in a tube.
To finish this one I'll varnish and highlight some areas with diamond dust and glitter.

"Serenity"  32x54x1.5 oil on canvas. I have to keep going back to my musicians, they sell but also because I love painting them. I'll just suddenly get an urge to paint something, it happens a lot with the musicians. Today, suddenly I felt like I have to paint 3 Muses, 50x20x.75 each and ordered bars online.