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Thursday, August 15, 2013

this painting is called "Caliente 7", the seventh version of my original "Caliente" which was 33x54 oil on canvas. Anyway, I get a lot of interest in this painting and sometimes requests for it in a smaller  version. This one was requested by a person I shall just refer to as "J". She emailed me & gushed about how awesome I was, etc. I told her I could do the painting in acrylic 15x24 for $200 bucks.
She agreed, I did the painting and emailed her a pic, she said she loved it, but could I make the 2 people on the end look like her & her boyfriend, I did, emailed her a pic, she gushed how talented I was and could I give her another eye & bigger boobs, I did & emailed her a pic, she didn't like blue, could I change that, so I made the blues gray. Then she asked could all the guys have a moustache, I replied, it's finished, if you want it pay my paypal & I will ship it to you. Then she replies, could I make it more like the original because that one had more passion, needless to say I stopped communicating with her. Another day in the life of an online artist, haha

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