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Thursday, February 13, 2014

oils or acrylics

I keep going back & forth, oils, acrylics. I have been painting with oils since I was  a kid & exclusively until several years ago when I started painting in my home. I love acrylics because they are fast, non toxic, they cost less, clean up with soap & water, you can totally finish a painting in one sitting, they're great. The oils are what I know, they're like a part of me and when I work in acrylics I start missing the oils. They have a luminosity that acrylics don't, they have a buttery texture that just doesn't translate through acrylics.  These 2 6x6 paintings are from the same photo of Exumas. I changed the people a little, but it's the same picture. The top one is acrylic, the bottom is oil.

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