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Monday, January 18, 2016

Okay, I have to blog, so I'm starting again with a fresh resolve to do it regularly.
We'll see. Anyway, I've had a pretty good year in sales of original paintings thanks to the online
gallery Zatista.
Currently I'm working on Amazon Handmade, a new section which is supposed to be like Etsy.
I'll be selling giclee prints of my works.

couple of new things:
The Average Lifespan of a Butterfly, oil on canvas, not stretched 54"x76". I'm offering larger paintings not stretched so I wont have to ship a huge painting, just roll it up and ship in a tube.
To finish this one I'll varnish and highlight some areas with diamond dust and glitter.

"Serenity"  32x54x1.5 oil on canvas. I have to keep going back to my musicians, they sell but also because I love painting them. I'll just suddenly get an urge to paint something, it happens a lot with the musicians. Today, suddenly I felt like I have to paint 3 Muses, 50x20x.75 each and ordered bars online.

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