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Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Latest Stuff

This is my latest large painting, oil on canvas 'La Vie est Belle en Couleurs Primaires'
(life is beautiful in primary colors) I titled in French because there are a lot of paintings called Life is Beautiful, google it, you'll be surprised.  I did a little photo shoot before I rolled up & stored the painting. I offer the large paintings rolled up & shipped in a tube. When you sell online, you never know where it's going til the person has bought it. It could be 50 miles or 4000 miles. So for a really big painting, it would cost less for the buyer to have it stretched than to ship a huge painting to Seattle for instance. And honestly, it's a lot easier for me.
Also, a rolled painting is easier to store rolled up than if you have a 50x80"x1.5" painting.

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