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Saturday, March 18, 2017

Been Busy

I'm blogging because that's what your supposed to do to get known as an artist. I haven't blogged for a while, I've been addicted to candy crush saga, I have to quit!! I have been painting though. Started a new series, paintings of some of my favorite album covers. Some of them from my childhood, I loved albums when I was a teeny bopper. Also, getting into patterns and stencils. I suggest using acrylics for using stencils, but I love the results from oils, it's so messy, love it though.

These are 12x12x1.25's oil on canvas, with the stenciled patterns. In my square foot of art series also music series.

From my album cover series, this one was a favorite as a teen, I listened to it a million times at least.
It's so great!! 24x24x.75, acrylic on canvas. Some of my album cover paintings are in acrylic some are oils

This one is another all time favorite, I was listening to her while I did this painting, she was such a major force, her voice had so much soul. I felt so bad that she died so young. My album paintings are 24x24x1.25 this one is oils.

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