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Monday, September 18, 2017

Been a while

OK I'm blogging, I keep reading that this is what I should be doing haha.
I just went through hurricane Irma and although it wasn't too bad in my area I had no power for most of the week and still have no TV or wifi. So I'm going crazy because I need to get back on my mac to work my art biz.
Anyway,  lately I've been mall walking because of the killer heat in FL lately and decided to take random pics with my iphone of people on their iphones at the mall.
The a bunch of other ideas that are mall related popped into my head, like all the amazing logos of brands to paint like in super thick oil paint.
So I'm going off on another painting tangent since I'm visualizing about 10 paintings right now.

Mall 1, Mall 2, Mall 3
more to come

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