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Monday, September 18, 2017

Large abstract series

The latest in my new large abstract series, I always had a desire to paint very large canvases but didn't because where was I going to keep them? How could I sell them the shipping would cost as much as the painting. There's always a way, don't let your negative thinking stop you.
I tack up a piece of canvas on the wall and paint away, I'll leave them up for a while & play with my paint markers, its such fun! Then I roll them up for easy storage, I offer them for sale like that, shipped in a tube which is so cost efficient and easy. The buyer has to have it stretched and most frame shops can do that.

here's my newest: "Love is Blind" 56x84
anyway this is sparking off a series too,  I like these colors, the window of Neiman Marcus inspired them, hard to tell by the pic there are deep grey greens, nice next to the peachy flesh tones.
I need to do a tryptich in 50x20's

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